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The Ultimate Guide

in unlocking your dream

as a flight attendant.

Have you always wanted to become a flight attendant?

Hi, my name is Vitna Achour.

I’ve dedicated 9 years of my life as a flight attendant, a job that made ​me see the beauty of the world and people.

I never imagined that my dream job would lead me to a bigger mission.

Over the past 2 years, I have inspired, motivated, and helped aspiring ​flight attendants make their dream come true locally and ​internationally through my book.

This all started when I felt the pain of rejection in my applications.

Through the painful process of not being accepted for my dream job, I’ve ​discovered valuable lessons along the way. And I believe every flight ​attendant aspirant needs to know them.

I thought improving my skin, looks and overall physical appearance ​would guarantee my acceptance for my dream job. While this is a ​crucial part of the process, I would say: it’s only HALF of the battle.



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Part of the other half is SELF-CONFIDENCE.

We always hear it, but what is it really?

Your self-confidence comes from completely ​trusting yourself, and truly believing that you are ​worthy of success and your dreams. Your self-​confidence influences the way you present yourself ​to the world.

Are these feelings familiar to you?

  • Do you feel unsure of what you want and who ​you are?
  • Do you often feel trapped comparing yourself ​to other people?
  • Do you believe that you are “less” capable than ​others?
  • Do you set high standards for yourself and thepressure stops you from achieving your goals?
  • Do you struggle with people-pleasing?
  • Do you find yourself demotivated to pursue your ​dream?

If these feelings sound familiar to you... don’t worry, I ​have experienced these, and the good news is, these ​can be fixed...

Let me tell you a short story.

Before I became a flight attendant, I had trouble trusting myself. ​In school, I rarely participated in class because of the fear of ​failure and judgment.

As a reserved and introverted person, I only feel the most ​confident when I am around my peers. Whenever I look at ​myself in the mirror, I can only see my flaws and imperfections.

That unhealthy relationship I had with myself stopped me from ​landing my dream career.

After I experienced the pain of rejection in my applications,

I decided to re-write my story.

I stopped sending out resumes to airline companies. I stopped ​going to open-day assessments. I hit the reset button.

I gave myself one whole year to focus on me. I told myself, ​there must be a way to achieve this dream, I just needed to ​find it.

And so I did.

I joined a life coaching program, enrolled myself in flight ​attendant schools, and asked for the guidance of ​experienced flight attendants.

I discovered strategies I didn’t know before.

In a span of a year, I transformed myself from what seemed like ​a failure to finally becoming a full-fledged flight attendant.

You know one of the things I discovered:


Too much or too little confidence can pull you away from your ​dream job in an instant.

Even if you have the flawless skin, perfect set of teeth, perfect ​hair, and makeup, if you are overly confident, possibly, airlines ​will not get you.

I’ve seen this happen, and this continuous to happen. And this is ​something I want you to avoid.

GOOD CONFIDENCE has a simple formula. This formula ​has helped me and other flight attendants I know, and it’s just ​sad that it’s rarely being talked about.

That’s why I decided to write the book Born To Fly, it reveals the ​secrets every aspiring flight attendant needs to know to soar in ​true confidence.

I know the pain that comes with not showing up in your ​application with your best self, losing hope, body confidence ​issues, rejection, failure, and fear of not having this dream and ​not having enough people to support you.

It can be very overwhelming.

After multiple rejections, she’s now part of the ​#1 airline

Without holding back, I compiled everything I learned in this ​book. All the hidden secrets and strategies, and untold ​stories were revealed.

Though this book has helped many others become flight ​attendants, I cannot guarantee the result will be the same for ​you. Let me get that straight.

My goal is to help you show up on your assessment ​day/interview with your ABSOLUTE BEST SELF. I want to ​make sure that you are well-equipped with the RIGHT tools ​that can help your succeed.

After reading the book, you will...

  • Have a renewed sense of hope and motivation to go ​after your dream
  • Feel encouraged to stop delaying things and ​immediately take action
  • Present yourself with a true confidence glow that makes ​you admirable
  • Have a high chance of being considered in your ​application
  • Have a sense of contentment of who you are
  • Realize that you are very much worthy of success

The guidance that you will get from the book combined with ​your efforts, together we can make things happen...

“Vitna Achour pays it forward by sharing her inspiring story of self-discovery, reinvention, and hope to aspiring flight attendants who are daunted by their dreams. Born to Fly is about overcoming barriers to personal growth and embracing a life of purpose, positivity, and faith. It is a most worthwhile read for all those who are determined to fly—literally and figuratively—to places they have only dreamed of.”

Lance Gokongwei


Cebu Pacific Air

Aside from the aspiring FAs, this book is also for all the dreamers out there who are in deep need to believe in themselves again. They may be overwhelmed with fear now, but this book is a reminder that they are designed to fly high too. Vitna will tour you to places in your heart which you need to revisit and travel to for the first time—the kind of flight that will lead you to become your best self again.

I need this book. Maybe you do too!”


Training and Development Specialist, Philippine Airlines

“This beautiful book is for anyone who wants to soar high and reach their dreams. In these pages, Vitna Achour opens up her heart to you, sharing her journey with you, with all its tears and joys. And with great love, she blesses you with instructions for your own flight to the skies.”

Bo Sanchez

Best Selling Author

Apart from FA aspirants,

Born to Fly book touched the hearts and minds of people from ​different walks of life....

BTF book has also received support and promotion

from the founders of well-known airline companies

I feel blessed to be nominated and awarded by

Travel Daily Media as one of the most inspiring women in travel ​industry in Asia.


  • Vitna was a flight attendant in one of the biggest airline companies in the ​Philippines, Cebu Pacific Air - this opportunity gave her the chance to travel ​the world and she discovered her fascination with mindset and human ​behavior.

  • After flying for more than 5,000 hours to ensure passengers’ safety, she has ​transitioned to being a Human Factors Officer under Flight Operations - ​Training and Standards.

  • As a facilitator, she has held workshops with hundreds of pilots and cabin crew ​on how they can work together more efficiently and effectively as a team to ​achieve safer flights.

  • In her teens, she constantly battled with a negative mindset that caused her ​broken relationships and poor self-image.

  • This shifted in 2013 when her quest for self-discovery started. She attended ​personal development seminars that helped her break down limiting beliefs ​and started to view herself as capable, complete, and whole.

  • This transformation ignited so much passion in her heart to be in service to ​others through life coaching. She’s also now an internationally certified ​Transformative Coach under Coach Masters Academy.

  • In 2021, she published a book for aspiring flight attendants entitled, Born to Fly, ​What every aspiring flight attendant needs to know to soar in confidence.

  • In 2023, she was been awarded by Travel Media Daily as one of the most ​inspiring women in the travel industry in Asia.

From keeping passengers safe as she flies at 39,000 feet… Vitna is now passionate ​about creating a safe space so people can “fly” in their own life’s journey.

Her ultimate mission is to unleash people’s greatness and make them soar. And her ​simple philosophy in life is… “People start to heal the moment they feel heard, ​and their truest potential comes out the moment they feel safe and supported.”